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At long last we're going to take the time to upgrade this site to Drupal 7! Stay tuned for fresh layout and content.

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Our mission is to provide you with the very best methods for telling your story. Using the web as a communication arena, we specialize in helping you communicate with the world. We understand that every project is unique. Because of this we spend time learning about your organization and your goals and tailor methods to meet those goals.

Just as we learn about YOU, we feel it is OUR job to teach you about what's possible in online communication, and how to achieve it. We're very good at translating what might be confusing technology and language to terms that make sense to you. From designing to hosting and marketing your site, we make the process simple and manageable.


Owner Bob Morse has over 16 years experience in the world of technology including web development, online marketing, teaching and consulting. He has built and managed dozens of web sites for organizations both large and small.

Bob’s interests in technology, culture and community have led him to his involvement in various endeavors. Bob has written numerous articles on the Internet covering research, e-commerce and cyberculture and writes at his blog Talking Tech. He has owned and maintained HumGuide, the popular local online portal since 2001 and served several years on the board of directors for the Redwood Technology Consortium. You can also follow Bob on TwitterTwitter or view his profile on LinkedIn.

Prior to moving into the technology field, Bob spent 20 years in professional and academic theatre. He has written, produced, directed and performed in everything from Shakespeare to the circus and applies these experiences to his multimedia work. He holds a Master of Fine Arts in Directing.

Scott Finney
As Web Developer/Programmer for Morse Media, Scott Finney is responsible for various development tasks such as creating interactive web-based applications, building custom content management systems and developing custom Drupal themes and modules for a variety of clients.  Scott has been working in the industry as a developer and programmer for more than five years and is experienced in PHP, MySQL, Javascript, HTML, and CSS in addition to other web development and programming languages, tools, and applications.  Scott was born and raised in Arcata, CA and currently resides in the San Diego, CA area.

Scott Ralston
Scott earned his first shell account in 1991.  He manages and optimizes our Linux servers and wrangles web content into place.  In his spare time he enjoys exploring back roads on his bicycle, obsessing over the Oakland Athletics and creating elaborate culinary projects in the kitchen.

Extended Team: Morse Media also works closely with a group of professionals and can call on these experts for help in completing specific projects. This group consists of videographers, editors, musicians, graphic artists,  and programmers. This use of an extended team allows us to keep our pricing low and our time management efficient, yet scale up for larger projects as necessary.