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At long last we're going to take the time to upgrade this site to Drupal 7! Stay tuned for fresh layout and content.

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Area 1 Agency on Aging
01/24/2011 - 11:05

Area 1 Agency on Aging Launched

Area 1 Agency on AgingWe recently redesigned and converted the Area 1 Agency on Aging to Drupal so that staff can manage all the content. A few features include a news feature and a scam alert that appears on the home page automatically whenever there is a new scam alert related to seniors.









Eureka Redevelopment Site Launch
10/20/2010 - 15:59

The City of Eureka's Redevelopment Agency is central to the life and business of the City. The website had languished for Eureka Redevelopment Website screenshotyears as it's previous version was difficult to update. We redesigned and rebuilt the site using Drupal. We provided training for staff and built a few unique components especially for image handling.

It was fun learning so much about what this area in City government does to rehabilitate and revitalize the downtown area. Glad we could do the same for their site.




City of Arcata Site Evolves
03/01/2010 - 08:42

City of Arcata website screen shotThe City of Arcata approached us for help after a couple years struggling to work with their Joomla site. We did our best to patch the site together so they could continue to edit and add content. But it quickly became clear that the site would have to be overhauled. This was not necessarily an indictment of Joomla itself, but more an issue of how it was implemented originally and then allowed to deteriorate through neglect. After reviewing the City's site needs we felt we could easily accommodate their requests using Drupal. So we set out to refine the site specifications and develop a site map. We also began to look at the user interface to determine how we could better organize the huge amount of information they wanted to make available and how to present that information in an intuitive manner.

Knowing they had a large amount of data to transfer in to a new site structure we set up development site and built an initial site structure and menu system where they could begin to enter data even as we were still working on the details of the features, information architecture and design.


After several months the design, content and features began to come together. We added several staff members to site editing roles and provided training and documentation so the content tasks could be spread around. In December the City decided they needed to go live with the new site as the old one had become totally unusable. So, we made the transfer even though a content was incomplete. Over the last couple months while City staff continued to add content we continued to add some behind the scenes features. At last count the site was running close to 50 modules with a only a small amount of custom code.

This was an exciting and complex project for us. But the kind we would would love to more of as it pushed us to solve new problems and learn new solutions. We also grew in our appreciation of the strength and flexibilty of the Drupal system.


New Site Launch: Robert McCune Photography
08/08/2009 - 19:58

Robert McCune PhotographyWhen Robert walked in to our shop and presented his ambitions I was somewhat skeptical. Here was an 78 year old house painter who wanted a place to showcase his photography of ranches of the American West. But then he began to show his work and to talk with such animated passion of this land and the people who carry on the great traditions of the cowboys and I was hooked.

We created a photo gallery to display Robert's beautiful photography in three sizes: thumbnail as a visual index for each category; a larger in-page display; and an even larger size using lightbox to give visitors the full effect of each image.

We tied the photos to products in an Ubercart store so that visitors could order prints of various sizes. Robert continues add new photos and will soon start a blog. This guy is entering the Social Media world full speed!

Robert McCune Photography: Ranch Country of the American West

New Site for Humboldt Association of Realtors
07/19/2009 - 12:17

HAR web siteWe've hosted and manage the site for the Humboldt Association of Realtors for several years. We had the opportunity recently to give them a new design and move their site to Drupal. This will make it much easier for them to manage content. Additionally, we added a few new features for them. The main one was a private forum for HAR Members. Knowing  the default Drupal forum module lacks a many features people have come to expect in a forum system, we installed Advance Forum and a number of helper modules. This solution worked out fairly well. We'll see how things go once people actually begin using the system.

We're developing another forum for Reach Out Humboldt, a new site that will provide interactive resources for grassroots efforts to help people in need in the county. It will be going in to beta test next week. So look for more news of this site soon.

Headwaters Fund Site Launched
06/06/2009 - 13:33

We recently launched a new site for The Headwaters Fund for Humboldt County. Built in Drupal, it's a relatively simple a fairly basic site, but allows the staff to update all sections easily. We were handed a design to implement, and then spent some time adding styling that the client wanted but was not defined in the design itself.The Headwaters Fund Home page

We did build one unique feature which is a web form (using the Web Form module, of course) and substituted that for the standard Drupal Contact Form. This allows the Fund staff to gather more specific information from people who fill out the form and to allow them to sign up for newsletters on various topics. In order to automate that we had to have the Web Form module update the SimpleNews subscription table with the form submitter's email address assigned to the proper newsletter(s). This turned out to be a fairly simple task and a technique that could come in handy elsewhere.

Eureka Chamber of Commerce Launched
04/20/2009 - 07:29

Screenshot of Eureka Chamber of Commerce web site

A couple weeks ago we launched the new Greater Eureka Chamber of Commerce web site. Built in Drupal with a nice design by our friends at Carson Park Design, the new site allows staff to fully manage content including an active calendar and a new photo gallery.

Additional features allow for much greater site traffic reporting than their old site, an email newsletter feature and the ability to serve ads in varous formats and location

The site is built on the latest release of the content management system which will position the organization to take advantage of the increased power of the platform to expand services. Plans are already under way to build new functionality that will allow for more interactivity with members, prospective members and tourists.

We're also hosting the site.

Morse Media Joins Acquia Partners Network
03/02/2009 - 19:03

We are pleased to announce that Morse Media has joined the Acquia Partners Network as a Silver Partner. Acquia, founded by Drupal creator Dries Buytert, provides professional support services for Drupal developers and end users.

Acquia Silver Partner Button

Wiyot Site Launched
03/02/2009 - 16:51

Wiyot Tribal Site

We built a new Drupal for the Wiyot Tribe based on a beautiful design by Carson Park Design. The new site is greatly expanded from the previous site and tribal staff spent weeks getting all the new content in. But now they are very comfortable with the Drupal admin interface. The site was just recently launched.


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