Giving Back to the Drupal Community

Bob Morse

All open source software thrives by having a willing and enthusiastic core of developers who contribute in various ways to the project. These developers donate time, money and expertise to the project because they enjoy working with the system and what is essentially free software for their work. Over the years we've been fortunate to contribute money through memberships in the Drupal Association (see badge in the right column), direct donations, and offering help on various support issues. We've also sponsored the development of several modules created to solve specific problems that we continued to confront. And since we've been the happy recipient of the work of many other developers and companies we have been happy to contribute those modules back to the community. While they all have rather narrow uses, it's gratifying to see them being downloaded an used on other sites. Here's a list of our current module contributions:

I'll forgo the technical explanations, but if you are interested, each module is fully explained on its page at We hope they get more use and perhaps some requests for improvements or expansion.