Our Upgrade Finally Complete!

Bob Morse

Drupal 7 has been out for nearly 3 years. We build all our new Drupal sites on 7 and we've been doing Drupal upgrades on many older sites for almost a year. Finally, we've taken the time to upgrade our own site to Drupal 7. After all, drupal.org just got their own site upgraded!

The upgrade has allowed us to bring some content up to date and add some new features/sections. Some of of those, such as tutorials, we're still working on. But the goal is to have a much more active site with fresh content than previously. We'll see how that goes. But for now, we're pleased with how the the upgrade has gone. The site is both cleaner and richer in content already.

Additionally, as with all our new sites, Morse Media's is now responsive, meaning the layout and images respond to various screen sizes. So, when viewing the site on a smartphone, or tablet, the pieces rearrange themselves automatically optimize the screen space. This makes things like navigation, and text much better on smaller screens. With mobile access growing by leaps and bounds, responsive themes have become a must for any active website.