Big Changes in Web Hosting

We've slowly been making a number of changes, and enhancements to our hosting services over the last several months. While we are going to continue to find ways to improve things, it's about time to tally up the most important changes.

Giving Back to the Drupal Community

All open source software thrives by having a willing and enthusiastic core of developers who contribute in various ways to the project. These developers donate time, money and expertise to the project because they enjoy working with the system and what is essentially free software for their work. Over the years we've been fortunate to contribute money through memberships in the Drupal Association (see badge in the right column), direct donations, and offering help on various support issues.

Our Upgrade Finally Complete!

Drupal 7 has been out for nearly 3 years. We build all our new Drupal sites on 7 and we've been doing Drupal upgrades on many older sites for almost a year. Finally, we've taken the time to upgrade our own site to Drupal 7. After all, just got their own site upgraded!

Toys for Tots Web App

Toys for Tots, a program sponsored by the Marine Corps Reserve, puts donated toys into the hands of children who might otherwise not have much under the tree for the holidays. The program locally seems to grow each year, both in the area it covers (this year Humboldt and Trinity counties  and some parts of Mendocino) and in the raw number of childeren in need and toys to dispense. It presents quite a logistical problem: Identifying children, gathering toys, and putting the two together in time for Christmas.