The Shaw House Reworked

Written by Bob Morse

We recently converted the Shaw House website from its old codebase to a much cleaner system. These changes reflect newer standards, improve search engine optimization, make the site's content easier to maintain, and allow the site to be responsive to various screen sizes.

While this reworking was an investment on the part of the client, the return should pay benefits for years to come. We maintain the content and the new site will make it much easier and faster to make changes. What should have been quick changes in content or the navigation menu used to take a half hour or more wrestling with the convoluted code. Now these changes take mere minutes.

Improved search engine optimization means more people will be able to find the site which will ultimately generate more bookings. Additionally, the reworking reduced file sizes which means the pages load faster. While this is a benefit to users of the site, it also improves rankings in search engine results.

This is a beautiful place to stay in the middle of the Victorian village of Ferndale. If we didn't live just 10 miles away we'd book a room ourselves! We might just do it anyway!

Visit The Shaw House and see for yourself.

If you would like help bringing your website up to meet the new standards, let us know. We'd love to help.

The Shaw House Inn home page in mobile view

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A client testimonial

You guys are great, so prompt with every little thing I need done on my website!

Paula Bigley

I hired Morse Media about 2 years ago. We were in the midst of discussing a website redo right before covid shutdown and well we just had to prioritize other things. Bob and his team have worked fast and diligently to help us use our website to communicate to our clients during shutdown. I am so grateful to have a local kick ass web design team I can turn too. They have taken any idea I have and plugged it in with ease. NO question if you need a web designer Morse Media is stellar.

Jennifer McMahon - Primal Decor

Bob has been so helpful over the years. He's always there to answer my questions. He's come to my rescue with issues on numerous occasions. I can't express how awesome it is to know your hosting is not only local, but, a real personal report is established, that you can trust! Thank you Bob!

Patty Nisky

Many thanks for your help, Bob. You are the bomb!

Roger James

Morse Media has been my host since August 2006. In that time Bob and Co. has been by my side, making sure my websites and hosting needs are met to my satisfaction. I never get lost in the job ticket shuffle that can happen with other vendors. While I may never meet Bob and Co., I feel I can trust the people that work for Morse Media now and in the future.

Mark Cummings
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