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Bob and his team did a fantastic job on building our new CastleWare Baby web site, I am thrilled with it.

Maureen Smithey

Morse Media has been my host since August 2006. In that time Bob and Co. has been by my side, making sure my websites and hosting needs are met to my satisfaction. I never get lost in the job ticket shuffle that can happen with other vendors. While I may never meet Bob and Co., I feel I can trust the people that work for Morse Media now and in the future.

Mark Cummings

I love Morse Media. Tech support for hosting is awesome helping me get through my tribulations with IMAP.

Mike Buettner

Bob has been so helpful over the years. He's always there to answer my questions. He's come to my rescue with issues on numerous occasions. I can't express how awesome it is to know your hosting is not only local, but, a real personal report is established, that you can trust! Thank you Bob!

Patty Nisky

Morse Media is just fantastic! I thought I needed to look outside of the Humboldt County area to find such a supportive and informed Drupal team - but Bob and his team are the best! Excellent customer service, efficiency, and communication.

Jessie Rawson
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