Making Accessibility a Priority

Accessibility means that everyone, regardless of ability, can access your content

A 100% accessible website is often unrealistic. However, with proper site structure and conscientious content creation, we can help you reach the widest audience possible. Building websites with accessibility in mind has become an essential consideration.

We help our clients understand the landscape of accessible website issues and benefits. In addition, we have become expert in making existing websites more accessible.

The Benefits of Focusing on Accessibility

  • More users can use your site so more will
  • An accessible site is easier to use by everyone
  • Helps search engines index content so more people find your content via Google, Bing, Duck Duck Go, etc.
  • Not all disabilities are permanent. Some depend on the situation, for example, higher contrast content will make it easier to read on portable devices while outside in the sun

You May be required to meet accessibility standards

Some cases where you’re likely required to have an accessible site under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA):

  • You receive federal grant money
  • Yours is an e-commerce site
  • Your site has a corresponding physical location in the U.S

Possible Sources of Inaccessibility

  • Website Theme
  • Modules/plugins
  • User-contributed content

Our Accessibility Services Include:

Website Accessibility Analysis

We use a variety of tools and techniques to identify accessibility issues page by page throughout a website. We generate a report that details the issues and provide direction on how to fix the issues. Some of the fixes will be relatively easy for a site owner to address. Others may require a web expert.

Web Accessibility Fixes

With that report in hand, you would be in a position to address the issues. Some basic steps could be handled in-house. However, we can also provide this service for you. Additionally, we have the expertise to address the more complicated issues that are often identified in the analysis.


We can provide training and documentation for your staff on how to create and edit content that does not cause accessibility problems.

Ongoing Consulting

Most websites are now built using a content management system (CMS) such as WordPress or Drupal. The core of these systems offer a solid foundation for an accessible site. However, they rely on third-party themes, add-ons, modules, or plugins that can introduce their own accessibility issues.  We can provide analysis and support for making sure you are not undermining your site's accessibility by using poorly coded third-party software.