Web Development, Design and Maintenance

Some of us have been building web sites since just about the beginning of the web itself. Our process has evolved as the web has grown, new services have been created and how people access and use information on the Internet has changed. As the world gets more mobile, all new and redesigned sites are built to be optimally viewed on various platforms and screen sizes (the technical term is "responsive"). Unlike a separate mobile app to support your site, you only need to maintain content in one place. The same site presents the same content but restructured to be easy to see, read and Project Profiles navigate on your computer, your phone or your tablet.

All  our sites are now also built using content management systems (CMS) that allow clients to easily create and update content right within their web browsers. Additionally, these systems a extendible so that as your vision grows and changes, new features can  be added on to make your site more dynamic, interactive and interesting to site visitors.

For simpler sites we often use the most popular CMS called WordPress which is easy to set up and quick to get started. Howver for complex sites we prefer to use Drupal as it has more flexibility to build features that precisely fit your needs. Recently, though, we have come up with a Drupal based product that  gives you the best of WordPress: Simplicity and set up speed; and the power of Drupal. This gives you a cost effective way to get started in just a few minutes with some standard features. But because it's built on the Drupal engine, we can easily extend your site's features as your needs change. Learn more about our Low-Cost, Pre-Built Customizable Site Packages.

Here are profiles of a few projects we've done.