Using our extensive experience and knowledge of the web, we provide research and consulting services for organizations trying to find their way in this complex, ever-changing environment. We evaluate plans and goals and provide reports and recommendations for making them successful.

We first learn about your organization’s goals and how you wish your online presence to achieve those goals. Your online presence includes your website—or sites—any and all of your social media accounts, any email marketing you perform, and any advertising efforts, such as Google Adwords. All of these platforms should work together in a coordinated way to present a consistent message and image of your organization.

We can analyze and provide reports and recommendations for overall, online presence, social media strategy, your competition, information architecture, content strategy, accessibility, site visitors, and website infrastructure.

Overall Online Presence

We take an overall, objective look at your online presence and your goals. We assess whether your efforts support your goals. If there is room for improvement, we provide suggestions. These may range from simple changes to a complete overhaul.

Social Media Strategy

Using a variety of tools and techniques we can help determine if your are using social media effectively to spread the word about your organization and draw attention to your online presence.

Your Competition

Who are your competitors? How does your online marketing compare? We can explain their strategies and how you can use that information to improve you own marketing efforts.

Information Architecture

Information Architecture (IA) sounds impressive and impenetrable, but it's really quite simple. IA is, essentially, how your content is organized and accessed. This includes where content is located on your site, how related content is linked together, and how users find content through your site.

Good IA means your site is well organized: it’s easy for your users to find your content.

Bad IA means your site is disorganized: it's hard for your users to find your content. This can negatively affect search rankings and site accessibility.

Even sites that start out with good IA tend to become less organized as new sections and features get added. We can identify ways to improve your IA and show you how to maintain good IA.

Content Strategy

You've been told over and over that you need content. Content, content, content. But what content? When? How!?

A content strategy helps you answer these questions.

By analyzing your existing content, getting to know you and your organization and its goals, we can help you develop a solid plan to turn what you know and what you do into a fount of interesting content to engage with your readers across your online presence.

Fresh and valuable content is the best way to improve search engine ranking and it's the keystone of online marketing. A solid content strategy is a great way to improve your online presence.


Accessibility means that everyone, regardless of ability, can access your content. Inaccessible content and websites can be difficult to use and read by a large number of people and especially by computers—like search engines attempting to index your content.

You do not want to turn anyone away from your website. Poor accessibility is as detrimental to a website as it is to its users.

A 100% accessible website is often unrealistic. There are just too many subtle concerns to address and some involve changes on a grand scale. However, there are often a number of small adjustment that can greatly improve the accessibility of a website, leading to happier users and better SEO. We can identify, prioritize, and implement the necessary changes to make sure your site is as accessible as possible.

Even with a 100% accessible website, content itself must be created specifically to be accessible. We can show you how to produce more accessible content.

Site Visitors

Every visitor to your site can be tracked: how they got there, how long they stayed, what pages they visited. Are you using site visitor analysis properly? What can the analysis tell you? We can help unravel the mysteries. This data provides valuable information on how to make improvements to your website strategies.

Website Infrastructure

Does your website help you achieve your goals or does it work against you? Did it fit your needs when it was made but fail to keep up?

There's no such thing as the best website—only the best website for you at any given moment.

Using what we learn about your organization and its goals we can evaluate your infrastructure—find where it succeeds, where it fails—and propose affordable solutions to make your website work for you.

Examples of what we might evaluate are loading speed of pages, quality and security of the code, content clarity and structure, and hosting environment.

This is just a partial list of possibilities. Contact us if you have specific needs that you do not see listed. We can provide a proposal for reports and recommendations that fit your organization.

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