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Morse Media excels at design: from tailoring a custom design to your needs to giving your existing design a fresh, modern update!

Do you need help creating your brand? We can design an eye-catching logo, create a color palette, and select fonts that will appeal to your target audience. We also design email campaigns, ebooks, and more.

A smart, clean web design creates happier visitors and higher search rankings. Our designs lead the user on a clear journey from the moment they enter a site to the moment they leave.

Effective web design consists of the visual aspects you’re most familiar with but it also entails a number of invisible technical aspects.

Visual aspects

The essential atoms of effective web design are logos, fonts, colors, images, and layouts.


A logo represents you and what you do at a glance. An effective logo for a video game store should be bright and feel playful—a logo for a bank should be strong and establish trust.

Fake logos that match their subject matter


Where logos are bold and grab your attention, fonts are more subtle and pervasive. They give atmosphere to a design. A light cursive sets a relaxed and sexy tone and works great on a bottle of perfume, but can you imagine it on a computer box?

An example of fonts hurt or help your image


Colors elicit certain reactions and emotions. Greens and browns are perceived as natural colors and therefore as healthy and safe. If you walk through the organic food section of your local supermarket, you will find it bathed in these colors. The colors reinforce the idea that this food is natural. Matching the colors in a design to what is expected for the content generates trust in a brand. Good design uses colors to help you communicate.


The use of images set a design apart. As with logos, colors, and fonts, an effective design considers the target audience first. An artist's portfolio delivers large, high quality photos to showcase the art. Wikipedia, on the other hand, uses images sparingly to focus on the information. Most designs, however, fall somewhere in between and an effective design strikes that balance.


Well placed content gives an inherent order and structure. Too much at once overwhelms and jars the senses, driving users away. But what does not appear on the page is as important as what does. Empty space directs your attention as powerfully as colors and images. It provides a moment to pause and reflect on what has just been seen.

The image to the right is a sample of a layout concept. This is called a wireframe and it allows you to evaluate how and where content might be displayed on a page.

An example wire frame

Technical aspects

Completely invisible to you and your users, there are technical aspects of web design that are too often overlooked. Morse Media does not overlook these aspects when implementing a design. Our designs are responsive, accessible, SEO-friendly, and optimized for performance.

Responsive designs change depending on how they are viewed: expanding to fill larger screens and contracting on smaller screens. Your content reaches its audience no matter how it’s displayed.

Accessible designs reach and engage with as many people as possible. This ranges from simple choices to ensure colors contrast pleasantly to including invisible metadata to aid assistive technologies, like the programs that read web pages to the blind. Read more about our approach to accessible design.

SEO-friendly designs includes hints for search engines to help them categorize and understand your content, allowing it to be more easily discovered.

Performance-optimized designs display quickly by ensuring that the elements of the design, like images, use as little space as possible. This allows them to be downloaded as quickly as possible—especially on slower mobile networks. A page that takes too long to show up is a page unlikely to be read.

Responsive design, accessible design, SEO-friendly design, and performance-optimized designs are intimately related. An increasingly large percentage of searches come from mobile phones and search engines prefer to serve performance-optimized, responsive sites to them. The invisible metadata for assistive technologies helps search engines understand your content and SEO-friendly designs make sure people find your content.

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Testimonials and recent blog posts

A client testimonial

Morse Media has been my host since August 2006. In that time Bob and Co. has been by my side, making sure my websites and hosting needs are met to my satisfaction. I never get lost in the job ticket shuffle that can happen with other vendors. While I may never meet Bob and Co., I feel I can trust the people that work for Morse Media now and in the future.

Mark Cummings

I hired Morse Media about 2 years ago. We were in the midst of discussing a website redo right before covid shutdown and well we just had to prioritize other things. Bob and his team have worked fast and diligently to help us use our website to communicate to our clients during shutdown. I am so grateful to have a local kick ass web design team I can turn too. They have taken any idea I have and plugged it in with ease. NO question if you need a web designer Morse Media is stellar.

Jennifer McMahon - Primal Decor

Morse Media has provided design and hosting services for my website for many years. They are very reliable and provide prompt, efficient support at all hours. I really appreciate Bob and his crew. They are the epitome of professionals outstanding in their field.

Eric Bergel

Bob has been so helpful over the years. He's always there to answer my questions. He's come to my rescue with issues on numerous occasions. I can't express how awesome it is to know your hosting is not only local, but, a real personal report is established, that you can trust! Thank you Bob!

Patty Nisky

Morse Media is just fantastic! I thought I needed to look outside of the Humboldt County area to find such a supportive and informed Drupal team - but Bob and his team are the best! Excellent customer service, efficiency, and communication.

Jessie Rawson
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