Client Work

Below are some of our recent successes. Each came with unique challenges that couldn’t be handled with off-the-shelf software. Morse Media created practical, cost-effective solutions that allowed these projects to take off and flourish.

All these websites have custom themes developed by local designers.

South Bay Union School District

We recently finished a new website for the South Bay Union School District. It’s a relatively small school district, but even so, with the District itself and its three schools, they needed essentially four websites in one.

The problem as presented was to offer a unified look and feel, and an easy way of presenting and maintaining content that was common across all four entities while also offering content that was specific to each. This could have been a major programming effort. But using our custom Drupal installation profile as a base, we were able to construct a system that satisfies this core specification without breaking the bank.

Another goal was to make the design simple and navigation clear and so that people can find get to the right information quickly.

A challenge came up midway through the project when we were informed the district will need to follow new American Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliance standards. This entailed making a careful analysis of elements such as the menu system to be sure the site was structurally as compliant as possible. While we managed to do that, we continue to support them in bringing all of their content into compliance.

Visit South Bay Union School District

Sproule Studios

April Sproule came to us for a redesign and upgrade of her site. We were really excited to work with a local texttile artist and feature her beautiful craft. We built a new site with a responsive theme and included a complet e-commerce solution. We converted her extensive rather convoluted photo gallery into something that was more manageable and easier to view by site visitors and allows her to promote designs and art work on display and for sale in various galleries. We also shot and editd a video that appears on the site. 

In order to better support her efforts we migrated the site to our own hosting system so we can have more control over software updates and building new features as the need comes up. The improved efficiency will save her money over time.

CastleWare Baby

We have worked with Maureen of CastleWare for many years and through several iterations of her site. This latest version has a responsive theme and e-commerce. 

We've add a few features over time including building a custom module to handle some specific needs of her shopping cart that were not available in the commerce system at the time. However, like all our recently built sites she is able to manage all content herself through easy to use editing tools.

Humboldt-Del Norte Film Commission

The Film Commission has expanded to encompass two counties. They needed to reflect the scope and diversity of the regions while embracing their commonality. To this end, each county and the Film Commission itself required their own site. But the sites needed to be branded identically. They also needed to share much of the same content as well as present content unique to each site. We created a single system to manages all three sites, allowing content to be published to any of the sites individually or, just as easily, to all of the sites at once.

This paid off, not just in the ease of which the sites are managed, but by allowing us to economically rebrand all three sites simultaneously when the time came to modernize the visual appearance, improve user’s mobile experience, and take advantage of the increasing multimedia capabilities of the modern web.

US Servas

Servas is an international non-profit organization devoted to promoting world peace through personal connections. It offers a tremendous opportunity for low cost travel and cultural enrichment. The United States branch of Servas needed a completely rebuilt and redesigned site that would help them manage their existing membership and attract new members.

The public facing site is just the tip of the iceberg. Underneath we constructed a comples web application that walks members through joining, renewing becoming "Travelers" and "Hosts". Additionally, we have provided administrative tools for the small staff and volunteers to easily manage content and help members as necessary and to automatically track transactions of all kinds.

Eureka Chamber of Commerce

Over the years we have built quite a few government and chamber of commerce type sites. The current version of the Eurkea Chamber site is designed to highlight the beauty and opportunities the community has to offer. We also built a few unique features for Chamber Member activism like the Adopt-A-Block system wher Members can volunteer to claim an area of the City to beautify and maintain. Morse Media is a proud member of the Eureka Chamber as well.