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No matter what technology is behind your site—or sites—Morse Media can create your new site or extend and maintain your existing site.

There are many different kinds of sites, such as microsites, brochure sites, e-commerce sites, social networks, and web apps. It is by no means uncommon for a site to fall into multiple categories.

The web is constantly changing and providing new opportunities for building a presence for your organization. Our job is to learn your needs and find the best mix of technologies and techniques to achieve your goals. We’ve even developed our own low-cost system that can satisfy many cases.

We work with a number of technologies to create many different kinds of sites. We build unique features to suit your project and offer services to help it hit the web running. A short list is provided below to give you an idea of what we can do for your organization.

Some common technologies include Content Management Systems (CMS) like Drupal and WordPress, static sites, Shopify, and multi-site setups. Click any of the headings below to learn more about these specific technologies and approaches.


A CMS is a website that you can login to and edit your content with a simple interface that should be familiar to anyone who has used a word processor. This makes it very easy to create and curate your content with minimal technical knowledge, but can limit your content to what can be expressed by this simple interface.

Drupal and WordPress are popular content management systems that we have worked with extensively, though we have experience with less common content management systems as well. WordPress is great for simpler sites and quick to set up. Drupal is better for more complex sites or sites that require lots of customization or special features. Both have excellent e-commerce support.

We have created a number of pre-configured sites with the power and flexibility of Drupal that offer the rapid deployment and management simplicity of WordPress in a cost-effective manner. These can be used as-is or as a basis for further development and extension.

Static sites

Static sites are an affordable alternative to a CMS. Sometimes you don’t need to change a site often or don’t have the time to do it yourself. If this describes your needs, a static site may be all you need.


Shopify might be the right solution for you if you’re mainly interested in e-commerce. A Shopify site is a simple, e-commerce first CMS hosted by

Shopify focuses on providing what 80% of e-commerce sellers need. If you’re in that 80% that’s great. If you’re not, you may need custom Shopify Apps, which we can help with, or it may make more sense to build your e-commerce site with an existing CMS. We recently developed and themed this Castleware site, moving it from Drupal to Shopify.

Whether you need a brand new Shopify site, help with your existing Shopify site, a custom Shopify App, or a unique theme to match your branding, Morse Media can help. Morse Media is a Shopify Development Partner organization.

Multi-site setups

Multi-site setups are increasingly common. You might have multiple sites already. You might need a new site because your old site does everything it does 100% great, but it just can’t do that one new thing you need it to do. You might need a central CMS that publishes to multiple sites that share a lot of common content but focus on different regions or services. Sometimes Shopify is enough for your e-commerce, but not enough for the rest of your site.

Managing multiple sites comes with its own set of challenges, from keeping all of the sites in sync to keeping uniform design and branding across multiple sites. We can help you make sure all your sites are working together while providing consistent branding.


E-commerce is a wide field. It can range from a simple donation form, managing user subscriptions, or just the good old-fashioned exchange of money for products and services. No matter what your e-commerce needs, you need a team with experience who know all the ins-and-outs of dealing with taking payments securely, managing subscriptions, stock tracking and shipping options.

A CMS like Drupal, WordPress, or a Shopify site are all excellent platforms for e-commerce. We’ll find the best solution for your project that fits your specifications and budget. Recently we converted a Drupal website to a Shopify system, converting products to fit the platform and the new business' approach as well as doing custom theming. Visit Castleware to see the results.


Microsites are perfect when you don’t need a large website: just a page or two. Maybe all you need is to list your hours and phone number. Maybe it’s just a placeholder to drum up interest until your real site is ready to launch. Maybe it’s part of marketing campaign. Maybe it’s for a special event or big announcement. Maybe it’s to showcase and sell your new e-book. Maybe you have more than one website already and just need a simple landing page to redirect visitors to the correct site for their needs. In any case, we can get you up and running quickly.

In addition to general microsite development, we also offer a number of low-cost microsite options.

Brochure sites

Brochure sites are, as the name implies, a digital version of a brochure. They tend to be larger than a microsite, having many pages of content, sometimes hundreds of pages. But, like brochures, once the site is built the content seldom needs changing and little is needed in terms of interactivity. Our low-cost customizable sites are perfect for brochure sites.

Social Networks

Public social media networks, such as Facebook, are well known, but often an organization can benefit from a private or members-only social network. These sites can be highly interactive with features like categorized discussions, blog/news sections, group mailing lists, paid subscriptions, and more.

Web apps

A web app is for when you need more than just content: you need a tool for your organization and your clients to interact, collaborate, and accomplish specific tasks. It could even just be for internal use only. We can build web apps as stand alone systems or as part of a larger website.

Regardless of what your site is or how it’s built, there are number of features that you may need, such as reporting, automation, and integration with other sites.


Reporting is important for any interactive site. It’s not always enough to just have visitors or customers or applicants. Sometimes you need to know how many, or how many this month, or how many people who looked at an item bought it versus those who did not. We can setup easy to access, easy to read reports for all the data your site generates so that you always know what’s happening.


Automation is a valuable time-saver. More complex sites have lots of moving parts and sometimes you need certain things to happen automatically. Maybe that means making a page public on the first of the month or e-mailing a manager for approval when a staff member creates a new page, hiding the page from the public until it gets managerial sign off. Maybe that means automatically creating content based on user submissions. Automation can save your organization a considerable amount of time and let you focus on what you need to do instead of what software needs you to do.


Integration with other sites can enrich your content offering or just make your life easier. If you need to show your Facebook feed on your site, have your contact form add a line item to a Google spreadsheet, or a contact to your CRM (Customer Relation Management system), we can get that working for you.

If you have an old site and are having a new site made, you probably need to copy all of that content into your new site. A migration could save you considerable time and get your site up and running more quickly.


Copying content manually can takes days or weeks or months to do by hand. It’s easy to accidentally skip over content without noticing. More importantly, you have better things to do. We can do this for you so that you can focus on your goals. Often we can write computer programs to automatically extract the old content and load it into the new structure. This can save substantial amounts of time over a manual approach if there’s enough content. If there’s not, we’ll recommend a manual approach to ensure you get the best savings.

If you need something that you don’t see listed above, please Contact Us.

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A client testimonial

Morse Media has provided design and hosting services for my website for many years. They are very reliable and provide prompt, efficient support at all hours. I really appreciate Bob and his crew. They are the epitome of professionals outstanding in their field.

Eric Bergel

Morse Media has been my host since August 2006. In that time Bob and Co. has been by my side, making sure my websites and hosting needs are met to my satisfaction. I never get lost in the job ticket shuffle that can happen with other vendors. While I may never meet Bob and Co., I feel I can trust the people that work for Morse Media now and in the future.

Mark Cummings

Bob and his team did a fantastic job on building our new CastleWare Baby web site, I am thrilled with it.

Maureen Smithey

Three paws up to Morse Media for keeping the Tripawds network online!!!

Hosting more than 1,200 three legged dog and cat blogs with 14,000± registered members is an ongoing challenge. Bob Morse and his team take the worry out of dedicated hosting and server management. Reliable, responsive, thorough, cost-effective, and friendly; with expert troubleshooting skills and fast answers if/when the need arises...the #Tripawds Nation is forever grateful. Thank you Bob!

Jim Nelson

I have been so very satisfied with the professionalism and customer service of Morse Media. Since my shift to Morse Media, my website has been maintenance free. My clients love the design, always commenting on the ease of user access.

Robin Ronay
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