Training is a core component of the services that Morse Media offers. Our goal in all training is to empower you to take charge of your online presence with knowledge, skill, and confidence. We offer training in website maintenance, content creation and maintenance, and in digital marketing. If making your site accessible to the largest audience, we provide training in creating accessible content.

Website Maintenance Training

Each website that we build has a unique toolset customized to make it easy for you to manage your content. We offer personalized training and support until you are comfortable with the process.

We can also provide training for sites we haven’t built. Sometimes developers disappear or people in an organization who hold the knowledge move on without training a replacement. After analyzing your site, we can provide solid documentation, training, and support to get you back in control of your website.

Content Creation and Maintenance Training

Creating content for a website and keeping a website organized is a skill unto itself. We can provide training in best practices for building and presenting quality content that appeals to both people and to search engines, creating content that is accessible to all audiences, keeping content organized in a logical manner, and assuring your content works well on all platforms.

Off-site Marketing Training

We offer workshops and individual training on the uses of social media for marketing and research. Want to know how to use Twitter, Facebook, blogs and other tools to advance your goals? We can provide insight and hands on training for you and your organization.

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