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Video Production

A 2012 survey taken by comScore states that retail site visitors who view video stay two minutes longer on average and are 64% more likely to purchase than other site visitors. It also cited that professionally produced video optimized for eCommerce outperforms user-generated video by 30%.

Using our decades of film making and video production experience, we offer the capability of showing off your website with bite-sized videos for your attention deficit web visitors. It's not that they can't sit still long enough for something longer than a minute or two it's just that we're all busy people with busy lives. People want to get to know what you offer through a medium that they grew up with: television. The visual medium will enhance your marketing potential to a social media driven generation.

Why use video?  It affords an immediate, inexpensive, entertaining, refreshable and animated piece about your services/product. Here are some examples of videos we've produced for happy clients.

Castleware Sleep Sacks

Castleware Baby had been a web client of Bob's for some time when he came to me with a request from Maureen, Castleware's owner. She wanted to show her potential customers the real advantages and ease-of-use of Castleware's sleep sacks. We suggested video and created this piece utilizing a sweet baby, a simple demonstration and an original piece of music.

Sproule Studios Textiles

April Sproule's body of work is immense and certainly couldn't be covered in one, short video, so we were happy to respond to her request to feature  just a stenciling technique she uses from her own collection of original fabric stencils. It was important to keep the light even so that there would be no shadowing to detract from her demonstration. Her simple and clear voice-over was actually recorded while she was illustrating the technique. She made it look simple. That was the idea.

Shaw Inn Property

The historic Shaw House Inn is on the market and realtor Linda Desiere wanted a short video to help build interest in the property via several websites. The challenge was light and the small room sizes. Victorians, although beautifully ornate, are famous for being chopped up into small interior rooms. Because of these challenges our videographer elected to make use of photographs already taken by a professional who did a good job of making the space look larger and attained some breathtaking images from his 30 ft. boom. This made the production short, sweet and inexpensive for the client.

Faith Center Easter Promo

One of Eureka's most prominent churches, Faith Center Foursquare church, was hosting another big Easter service and wanted a commercial spot to air on local television channels. Because the young pastor and his wife were so personable, we decided to use them to deliver a candid, down-to-earth invitation directly to the camera. Their three services were packed on Easter and we like to think we had a little something to do with it.

Coats for the Cold

This one-man, non-profit approached us to help him get the word out about a cause he cared deeply about, Coats for the Cold. Robert needed a video up to 5 minutes in length to take around and show perspective sponsors how important and wide-reaching, grassroots movement had become in the two short years of its inception. There were three major ways to get involved and it was our challenge to describe these in this short presentation, clearly and simply. It was also critical that we get across the story of the need without violating anyone's privacy, especially those of children. We are proud of this end piece as it continues to be used several years after its original production, both through the use of DVD's and the web.

Testimonials and recent blog posts

A client testimonial

Morse Media has provided design and hosting services for my website for many years. They are very reliable and provide prompt, efficient support at all hours. I really appreciate Bob and his crew. They are the epitome of professionals outstanding in their field.

Eric Bergel

Morse Media runs the web hosting, email, and Drupal maintenance for my agency's site. We appreciate what they do. Includes an optional monthly fee to keep all patches installed. Would cost us several times as much to do it all internally.

Greg Gehr

I hired Morse Media about 2 years ago. We were in the midst of discussing a website redo right before covid shutdown and well we just had to prioritize other things. Bob and his team have worked fast and diligently to help us use our website to communicate to our clients during shutdown. I am so grateful to have a local kick ass web design team I can turn too. They have taken any idea I have and plugged it in with ease. NO question if you need a web designer Morse Media is stellar.

Jennifer McMahon - Primal Decor

Three paws up to Morse Media for keeping the Tripawds network online!!!

Hosting more than 1,200 three legged dog and cat blogs with 14,000± registered members is an ongoing challenge. Bob Morse and his team take the worry out of dedicated hosting and server management. Reliable, responsive, thorough, cost-effective, and friendly; with expert troubleshooting skills and fast answers if/when the need arises...the #Tripawds Nation is forever grateful. Thank you Bob!

Jim Nelson

Morse Media is just fantastic! I thought I needed to look outside of the Humboldt County area to find such a supportive and informed Drupal team - but Bob and his team are the best! Excellent customer service, efficiency, and communication.

Jessie Rawson
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