Why WordPress?

WordPress Logo

WordPress is the most popular system for building websites. Estimates are that 25% of all sites run on WordPress. There are many reasons for this popularity, primarily:

  • Easy installation
  • Ease of use for managing content
  • Plenty of free and premium themes
  • A huge array of plugins that extend it's usefulness

The low bar of entry and the richness of themes and plugins makes the system ideal for sites for individuals like artists, bloggers,  restaurants, and other small organizations. Our hosting service provides a very easy installation or WordPress with just a few clicks.

We've use WordPress to build many simpler sites quickly with lower costs. With a lifetime developers license with one of the premiere theme and plugin shops we also have access to the Divi Theme with all its power for theming, page layout and modules. With our help we can apply the Divi Theme to any WordPress site.